Mill, Competition Obedience and Rally Obedience at Sporthound!

Launched spring / summer 2021!

Use is a competition branch organized by the Swedish Working Dog Club (SBK). In the branch there is an obedience element and a special element that the driver himself chooses.

The obligatory obedience part includes, among other things, walking, retrieval, jumping and summoning.

The special moments that are available to choose from are;

Track: Where the dog must follow the weathering of a human.
Search: Where the dog will find people in the terrain.
Report: Where the dog should be moved between two places in the shortest possible time.
Patrol: Where the dog must track (with the help of air weathering and sound) people within a given patrolling area.
Protection: The dog must stop a fleeing or severe threat to the driver and prevent this person from leaving the area.

Competition obedience (formerly cold obedience test) is another branch that SBK organizes. Here it is possible to compete in five classes (including starting class and elite class). Items that can be found in the different classes include;

  • Free to follow
  • Location (with or without disturbance)
  • Remote routing
  • Retrieval of weathering sticks as well as wood and metal gates

Obedience is about a harmonious collaboration where dog and driver work in constant harmony.

The range of courses for these disciplines is endless and if you are interested in the sport, we recommend that you contact the nearest dog club. There is certainly a lot of support and many courses to choose from.

Rally obedience is a separate branch of SBK where the dog, together with the driver, goes through a mapped path with 12-20 steps to be performed. Often the elements are taken from traditional obedience training, but in higher classes there are also other more unique exercises.

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