Freestyle & HTM

Lasered in the summer of 2021

Freestyle is a creative assessment sport where practitioners get a lot of freedom in the programs.

Freestyle is divided into two branches: freestyle and healwork to music (HTM).

The freestyle part itself is a bit freer, unlike HTM where the dog has 10 fixed positions from which the program is built. The sports rest on three legs for a good whole: music choice and interpretation of this, the obedience program itself and the joy of cooperation. The sport has a tendency to draw large crowds precisely because it is so entertaining. No knowledge is required to be able to appreciate the crew, but most people find it entertaining.

Here, a clicker is invaluable and it is usually the easiest way to learn the tricks on which the programs are built. Together with a target, learning becomes much easier as you as a driver can quickly mark exactly the behavior you want.

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