Sporthounds founder is a family-run company that offers you and your dog everything in dog sports. The goal is that no matter how you like to activate yourself, there should always be something here that suits you and your dog. We provide equipment at all levels, from beginners to professionals.

To offer you the best in dog sports, we have gathered the specialists, often smaller producers who are experts in their specific field. That way we have access to a large knowledge bank. We deliver carefully selected products that have a lot of care behind them in both design and function and execution.


The best thing about is that I get to combine my interest in dogs with my commitment to business. The most fun dog activity at the moment is Nosework which is also excellent for our older dog.

"Jonathan is truly the customer's best friend with an incredible sensitivity and ability to always find a solution that makes everyone happy" - Filippa


What I love about is that there really is something for all. My hope is that the company will inspire dog owners to try new things with their four-legged friends. Personally, I think that retrieval is great fun. I have such incredible hopes that all the new contacts we get the honor to create will last a lifetime!

"Filippa is a fan of marketing and sales. She makes sure that all our products are relevant to you and your dog. Do not be surprised if you see her at a competition near you!" - Jonathan

Messi and Essa

Wow! Wow! Wow!