Venator Edge safety vest

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The safety vest from Venator Edge has a very good fit that provides maximum mobility and at the same time a very good protection against sharp baits.

Areas of use: Hunting

Size: XXS-XXXL See table

Material: 6 layers, Outer fabric in strong 1050D Nylon fabric, 4 layers UHMWPE fiber, comfort fabric closest to the dog

Sent: 3-5 days

The Venator Edge safety vest has a new advanced 6-layer technology with a very strong outer fabric in 1050D Nylon fabric, under the outer layer there are 4 protective layers with an extremely durable material (UHMWPE) and a comfort layer closest to the dog which gives a soft and comfortable shell closest to the dog. The safety vest has two different colors that give dog handlers of standing dogs an advantage in dense vegetation where you see the color and know which direction the dog is heading. All important seams are double and with reinforced thread to give a long life even in tough environments.

Features and properties

• 6 layers, Outer fabric in strong 1050D Nylon fabric, 4 layers of UHMWPE fiber, comfort fabric closest to the dog.
• 2-color structure, one side is signal orange, the opposite side is warning yellow. Advantage for seeing standing direction in dense vegetation.
• GPS pocket on the back with zipper that can not be opened accidentally when moving.
• The locking with zipper and elastic fabric under extremely strong velcro.
• Antenna socket on the GPS pocket.
Built-in hoops for necklaces
• Reflectors along the entire side and in the loops on the neck.
• Reinforced seams with extra thick thread.
D Ring for leash or search line behind the GPS pocket.

UHMWPE as protective bearing

UHMWPE is a new and fantastic material in safety vests. On the one hand, it has a very low density, which gives a low weight in relation to protection against stab injuries. UHMWPE has a much better penetration protection in relation to, for example, Kevlar and Twaron and also with a lower weight. We do not want to burden our dogs with a heavy safety vest while maintaining the ability to protect, which is why our choice fell on UHMWPE. Another important ability is that the fibers in UHMWPE are completely closed, which means that they cannot absorb liquid. They therefore do not add unnecessary weight during the dog's wet work shift. The vest's inner fabric and outer fabric will absorb moisture but not the protective layers.

Size chart: Measure the dog's chest circumference behind the front legs






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